Installation information

Preliminary note

Plone4bio has been developed so far on Linux, in particular on the  Debian and  Ubuntu distributions. While we do not expect major problems on other Linux distributions, be aware that installing on Windows and Mac OSX have not been performed before. We have preliminary instructions to InstallTheSoftwareonWindows (thanks to Jerry Black). Nonetheless installation should be possible on any system where Plone is supported (thus on Windows and MacOSX, too).

If you perform a successful installation on windows or MacOsX, please share the information.

Hardware requirements

Any reasonably recent machine capable of running Plone should do, however keep in mind that, at some point during indexing, Plone search engine has a relatively large need for RAM.

Our demo site, that indexes human CDS entries from NCBI and human proteins from Uniprot, runs on a virtual machine with 4GB of RAM. Furthermore indexing it from scratch takes a couple of hours of time, so do not expect search to immediately work for databases with tens-of-thousands sequences (on the contrary browsing is immediately available) .

We have no hard number at the moment, but let'say that 4 GB of available RAM is a requirement to index a complete euchariotic genome. So do not do it on a netbook ;-)

Software requirements

You can install plone4bio either with Plone3 or with Plone4: